Webhook recording.completed parameter

Is there any change in API of webhook event “recording.completed”? I am specifically looking if there is a change in “/payload/object/id” parameter type (Which is Cloud Recording Id.) Is it recently changed to Integer? The application is working fine till Zoom introduced meeting numbers with 11 digits. Because of this change, it is impacting our services. (if it was a string, no issues, the problem with Integer that too with 11 digits [with 9 digits we didnt see any issue])

Consuming API of above Webhook event causing an issue in reading the 11 digit number. (In JavaScript), the Meeting number is getting converted to 9.4485690320E10 (suppose to be ***********)
Note: As said earlier, we didnt see this with 9 digits number.

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*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @yln99517,

I think there might be a mistake on our docs. That is actually the meeting ID, which yes, was increased to 11 digits.

@shrijana.g, can you confirm if /payload/object/id is the meeting ID or recording ID?


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Hi @tommy @yln99517

Thanks for bringing this up. It is indeed the ID of meeting/webinar that was recorded using Cloud Recording. The data type of that id in the recording webhooks is long (int64). I have updated it in the docs as well.

Thanks again,

If this ID is id of the meeting, it should be the String. For rest of the API the MeetingID is always String, why this paticular one is in long?

@tommy @shrijana.g
Do you have update on recent query (why Int64 when rest of MeetingID is mentioned as String?).

Hey @yln99517,

Our Webhooks work a little different with the meeting ID logic. We are working to bring it to parity across our platform with the string format.