Breaking changes to webhook payload for RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED events

I am trying to build a system for ingesting our zoom recordings initiated by a webhook endpoint that receives RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED events.

Today we noticed that the payload of the webhook requests has changed dramatically and now includes much more than just the event type, host_id and uuid (but no longer has an “id” field). The serialized json passed in the “content” parameter now includes more info about the meeting as well as a list of the recording files. It now looks similar to the response we get from a v2/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings request, but the recording_files entries include a s3 “file_path” value instead of “play_url” and “download_url”.

We are confused and concerned by these changes. It was our understanding that the RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED was going to be made more consistent with the other event types. This latest change does not do that and instead extends the existing inconsistency. 

Should we expect further changes to the webhook functionality? We have operated under the assumption that the v2 API was somewhat unstable, but the webhook functionality has been around and was, we thought, distinct from the API.

We built our webhook endpoint using logic from the example at Is that no longer the recommendation?

Hi Jay, we want to make sure - if you are using v1 webhooks, then nothing in the call back payload should change - are you seeing the payload additions/changes even on v1 webhooks ? or, you switched to v2 webhooks and are wondering about these changes ? 

I will respond to the changes in v2 for recording complete event notification once we get the basic clarified.



(I work with Jay)

We subscribed to the webhook by entering our endpoint on this page in the “Webhook” tab and then enabling the RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED push notifications here Is that what you mean by V1 webhook?

We see that there is a way to subscribe to the webhook through the API V2 but we have not yet implemented that.

  • Mona

A breakdown of what is meant by v1 vs v2 webhooks would be useful. I’ve only seen info on v1 vs v2 in the context of the API.

Hi Jay,
Next release, we will response play_url and download_url parameters in v2 webhooks.