How to know what the occurrence_id on recording_completed webhook?

I am sorry as this has been asked before multiple times but I still can’t nail this.

I am using the recording_completed webhook to move recordings from zoom cloud to S3. After the meeting has ended and recordings are ready I receive the webhook with some data like this

     "uuid" => "Z42qqXvzQk6oCRnkfxwTjw==",
     "id" => 83286273790,
     "account_id" => "",
     "host_id" => "",
     "topic" => "",
     "type" => 8,
     "start_time" => "2021-04-08T23:24:23Z",
     "timezone" => "Asia/Calcutta",
     "host_email" => "",
     "duration" => 0,
     "total_size" => 208552,
     "recording_count" => 2,
     "share_url" => "",
     "recording_files" => [
         "id" => "",
         "meeting_id" => "",
         "recording_start" => "2021-04-08T23:24:25Z",
         "recording_end" => "2021-04-08T23:24:31Z",
         "file_type" => "MP4",
         "file_extension" => "MP4",
         "file_size" => 113599,
         "play_url" => "",
         "download_url" => "",
         "status" => "completed",
         "recording_type" => "shared_screen_with_speaker_view",

I need to know the completed recording’s meeting_id and occurrence_id.

I get the meeting_id with payload[‘object’][‘id’]. I understand that the occurrence_id is not present and we need to use the UUID somehow.

What I want to know is what exact API call can I do and with what parameter (I am guessing meeting_id in recording_files array.) to get to the occurrence_id.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @rishpandey,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Once a meeting has occurred, you can use the UUID to refer to an instance of a meeting. When trying to access occurrence_ids Try using the occurrences array from the Get a Meeting API in order to see occurrence IDs of a meeting.


You may also find this historical forum post to be helpful:

Let me know if that helps.


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