Webhook - Registration Source?

I’m using the webhook to process registrations, which is great and works well. However there is no easy way to report on Zoom for registration sources, you have to click on each webinar and manually tally up in your head.

Is there a way of getting the webinar registration source from the webhook? Would be very handy for internal reporting.

Second to this, we do lots of paid advertising, and have Google/FB pixels that it would be great to fire on the webinar registration confirmed page so that we can use goals to guage the effectiveness of our ads. Is that possible?

Hi @TCADeveloper, Webinar registration sources can be returned through the Webinar Tracking Sources API.

Source is not currently returned in a Webinar Registration Events, but I agree this could be valuable. I’ll add this to our Feature Requests for these events.

Here’s a support article on Adding a Facebook Pixel to Webinar Registration.

Let us know if you have any questions on this!