Webhook v2 recording_files object different than API


We’re implementing Zoom webhooks (using webhooks v2) to ingest recordings via the recording[s]_completed event. The request body for a recording_completed event has a recording_files object, which is similar to the recording_files object that is returned when calling the /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings route of the API. However, the webhook recording_files object does not contain the “play_url” attribute or “download_url” attribute. Instead, it has a “file_path” attribute. It would be very helpful if the recording_files object provided by the webhook were standardized with the api. Specifically, we need the the “play_url” attribute added to the webhook request body. As it stands now, when we receive a webhook for the recording_completed event, we’ll have to then perform another call to the Zoom API to get the recording details, which are almost identical to the information already received through the webhook except that the play_url is missing.

From this other post, below, it appears that this change my be forthcoming. Do you have an ETA?


Thanks for your assistance and for considering this request.


Thanks for the feedback! We are already talking about this internally. While I don’t have a timeline for release I personally believe the object should be exactly the same and will push for that change.