Webhook validation not working - internal server error

we like to update the webhook endpoint, but seems that we cannot change or even validate working webhook URLs

error from F12:

code: 500
error: "Internal Server Error"
message: "An error was encountered when processing your request"
sid: "54c67d635e52a0c1"
status: 500
tid: "54c67d635e52a0c1"
timestamp: 1660059144807
trackingId: "v=2.0;clid=us06;rid=MP_a38f78abc86544e0a572cd7902199aab"

Same! Validate your webhook endpoint enforced on Zoom App Marketplace even though it is not implemented yet and we are unable to add or edit urls

yes, same here. validation API is getting 500 error

Hi @kfir, @harold and @sandaruwanw,

There were some changes regarding our webhook services last week and our engineers have since then remove the validate button on the webhook app type interface. Webhook endpoints are now require to an initial manual validation before Zoom will send events to the URL provided. Do i

Starting from August 21, endpoints will also be validated every 72-hours using a challenge-response check. This will be required for all the new webhooks created after this date. For more details, kindly refer to Validate your webhook endpoint. Do ignore the validate button as it is no longer showing and you can save without that.

In addition, there is a new way to verify that webhook events are sent by Zoom. The previous method, using a webhook verification token, will be deprecated in August 2023. We recommend that you replace your webhook verification token logic with the new logic described in Verify webhook endpoints.

Boon Jun