Webhooks alerts for zoom room

This is incorrect. I have received webhooks when the room is online again. Please refer to the webhook log and the one fired at: 12:01 AM Aug 10 12:01 AM.

I am not talking about offline event. I am talking about when the room comes online. The flag was already set that room was offline for >5 min. Now that you have received the event that room is back online again, why wait for 5 minutes?

I don’t think you are giving me correct answers. I got online webhook triggers as well emails stating that room is online again.

Hi @ameya,

Yes you are correct, forgot to mention that when the customer enables the option within the Zoom portal, we will send a notification when the Zoom Room comes back online (See screenshot below).

Our Engineers are still investigating into your account and the doc you provided to make sure you’re receiving the webhooks on time.


Hey @ameya, I think we have two very similar discussions going on here in different threads. I want to be able to provide you with the best experience and to do that I think we need to get into a (Zoom) room and get the details here.

I am going to work with you (in the email thread you sent earlier) with my team to set up a time so we can fully understand what you have done and what is going on.

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