Unreliable zoom room alerts

I am starting a new thread why zoom room alerts are unreliable. Here is the data I gathered.

Zoom Room Alerts Experiments

I didn’t receive the alerts in a few scenarios. Would you mind explaining why?

Hi @ameya,

Edit: This is a duplicate ticket for the following post: Webhooks alerts for zoom room
We will respond to you as soon as we have any updates


Yes, I wanted to keep this thread separate. None the less, I can reply to the other ticket.

@Ojus, I don’t think I am getting correct answers. I will follow up with the email you mentioned.

The discussion and problem here is different.
Maybe not easily obvious from the spreadsheet attached to the first post.

Core of the issue we are seeing.
The alert about Zoom room coming online is not fired every second time.
Pretty much we not getting a webhook event as well we are not seeing an Email notification we subscribed to.
As you can see in our experiment we took down ( physically disconnected ) our Zoom room 8 times and brought it back online.
4 time we have seen email and webhook notification, the other 4 times we have not seen anything back.

Hey @emelomed, I think we have two very similar discussions going on here in different threads. I want to be able to provide you with the best experience and to do that I think we need to get into a (Zoom) room and get the details here.

I am going to work with you (in the email thread you sent earlier) with my team to set up a time so we can fully understand what you have done and what is going on.