Webhooks - events fired to all subscriptions

I created a webhook only application to register to meetings and users specific events.

  • For that application, i added 3 subscriptions
  • Each subscriptions registered their own events (meetings or user event types)

The current problem is that all meeting type events registered are pushed to all 3 subscriptions, thus to all 3 different endpoints on my application, generating tons of errors for nothing.

The events i registered for 1 subscription are propagated to all subscriptions inside same application.

Which App?
Personal Webhook only application

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Not applicable

Screenshots (If applicable)
Here is an example, one of the subscription is only interested in user events but also receive meeting event registered by one of the other subscriptions.

Additional context

Hey @nvivot,

That is strange. Have you tried de activating and re activating your Webhook App?


Hi @tommy,

Yes even after deleting and re creating it, same behavior. And it also apply to another webhook application which has exactly same configuration (i just use each ones to propagate events into different target environments)

First app is propagating to a laboratory environment while second one is for a staging environment. I know propagating same event into multiple application environment is not the thing to do, that’s just to make my application works until i have real contract with zoom and distinct accounts.

What i’m sure is that few weeks ago, with only the laboratory propagation, i did not have such behavior as i tested it. I noticed that 2 days ago after creating a second webhook application under same account to propagate to staging env.

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for the additional details. We are aware of this issue and working to fix it. (ZOOM-152135)

Can can please private message me your Account ID / # and your App Name / ID?