Webhooks never received for one account that installed our app

We have a customer that installed our Panopto App and we have never received a webhook for any meetings that they have recorded. We are subscribed to multiple meeting/user webhooks and for one account id we have never received a single webhook for them.

No webhook is ever received for a specific customer.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
webhooks: recording.completed, recording.transcription_completed, user join, etc.

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
I’d be happy to start a DM to give you the accountId that we have never received webhooks from.

Hey @zoom-test,

Yes please start a DM and share all available info.


Thank you. I just sent you a DM.

Is there a way to do this from the start? As for the future could I just send you a direct message with a title and what problem we are having if it directly involves private information from the beginning? Or is there another way to start support requests such as these?

Hey @zoom-test, thanks I will take a look.

Yes if your post contains private information, feel free to DM from the start or reach out to developersupport@zoom.us :slight_smile:


Ok thank you. Is developersupport@zoom.us equally as responsive as the devforum? You usually get back within a day or less on the forum so I have always gone here directly as that is usually the quickest.

Hey @zoom-test,

developersupport@zoom.us has the same response time, 72 hours max, but we do our best to reply in 24 hours. The only difference is that @Ojus handles developersupport@zoom.us and I handle the devforum. :slight_smile:

So it’s personal preference.