Hello, we are receiving STARTED/ENDED events but no  RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED. Documentation mentions:

Go to Credential page and click Enable Push Notifications.

but there is no such thing.


Thanks in advance


There should be a webhook settings tab on the Credential page. If you do not see you it, you’ll need to ask your admin for access.


For recording notifications there is an additional setting as well in https://zoom.us/account/setting?tab=recording

Thanks for the answer, enabled Push Notifications and now we are getting a notification but everything is null. {host_id: null, id: null, status: null, uuid: null}. In case of meeting STARED/ENDED we are getting everything just fine:
{host_id: “xIJZ1EhbQfW36A-aBz9bLg”, id: “775114496”, status: “ENDED”, uuid: “KRQiJNOzTpuu3L6pVO7d2w==”}
{host_id: “xIJZ1EhbQfW36A-aBz9bLg”, id: “775114496”, status: “STARTED”, uuid: “KRQiJNOzTpuu3L6pVO7d2w==”}

We manage to solve this issue, RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED is not the same format as STARTED/ENDED. You have to check type field for “RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED” and then parse content field accordingly.

Apologies, here is a gist for help https://gist.github.com/joshuawoodward/35ee7f4b220f88b6559587cb9fbdab02