Some recording completed notifications don't arrive my endpoint

Hi, I am comparing the logs on our end and the recordings on Zoom and we see that some recordings weren’t sent to our endpoint. We do get notifications on some events, so I don’t think it’s a configuration issue. The notifications are set to trigger on account level.

IDs of meetings that didn’t send the notification:

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth app

Which Endpoint/s?
I prefer not to expose those, but it’s a REST API hosted on AWS API Gateway.

Additional context
I built an internal OAuth app for an organisation, configured to notify my endpoint re any completed recording in the organisation (all users). Some notifications aren’t logged anywhere on my end. I would have thought that even if first call failed then I should see the second one that you send, but none are logged.

Can you check the logs on your end and advise?

Thanks so much!

Hi @davidt,

Thanks for reaching out about this. In taking a quick look at the UUIDs you shared, I noticed that both of these were for meetings that were about a minute long or less. It also appears that they were paused, and so the actual recording would have been very very short, which I believe may be why no webhook was triggered.

Are you seeing this for any meetings that were longer in actual duration?


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