Webhooks not triggering my callback for meeting started

I have configured the callback URL: https://shikhartp.in/api/callback/ for meeting started and ended events under the JWT app Event subscriptions. The app seems to be configured fine as it sends events on a sample webhook website. I tested my endpoint via postman, it seems to be HTTPS secured with a valid certificate and it returns with a 200 status code, however, when I am starting a meeting via zoom account, it is not sending events on this URL. Need help with the same

Hi @vertexglobalservices , please refer to this thread for troubleshooting guidance: "We Are Not Receiving Webhooks As Expected" -- Here's What to Do! - #2

Hi Gianni, its working now. Zoom Ips were not whitelisted at our end. Thanks for the support

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Great! Happy it’s resolved!