Webhooks not firing :)


I would like to use webhooks for my JWT app. I have successfully enabled and configured my Event Subscriptions in the marketplace and activated the app.

I have double checked that my endpoint is publicly accessible to POST requests (tested it with Postman) and double checked all the prerequisites stated on your developper support blog : https://devsupport.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360059893792-Not-receiving-Webhooks

However, when I fire the events (Meeting start, Meeting end), I never get any request from Zoom servers. I have carefully inspected my server logs to make sure, but nothing came in.

Is it a misconfiguration on your side and could you please help ? It would be a pity to be obliged to resort to API calls just to check a meeting end event.

Many thanks !

Hi @kamal3 ,

Can you please create a ticket with the meeting id info and the specific events and someone from our support team will investigate what the issue may be.


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