Webhooks on multiple non-production machines?

A colleague noticed that you can have multiple event subscriptions. Each of these lets you specify a development machine and production machine pair. We want to test on the dev1 machine, whereas so far I’ve been testing on dev2.

The above picture shows how we are trying to do this with another event subscription. After adding another I published and uninstalled and re-installed the Marketplace App. However dev1 still doesn’t seem to be getting webhooks. Is our thinking correct?

Hi @chrismurrph,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help. First, you’re correct in that you can provide different endpoints to receive subscriptions for events on either development or production instances of your app.

In order to receive events at the development endpoint, you need to make sure you’re installing the app using the “install” method on the local test tab of your app.

To receive events at the production endpoint, you need to ensure you’re installing the app from the Publishable URL on the submit tab.

Can you make sure you’re installing the correct version of the app for what you’re trying to accomplish?

Let me know,

Yes I used the “Install” on the local test tab to see if I could ‘set’ the changes (as per instructions here: https://devforum.zoom.us/t/re-meeting-participant-joined-not-firing/45463/12?u=chrismurrph). We haven’t yet gone to production. What you are saying already works for us for the dev2 (and presumably prod) machines pair. But we are looking to have a setup that works for dev1, dev2, staging and prod machines. What we are hoping is that one event subscription will give us [dev2, prod], the next [dev1, ?], and the next [staging, ?]. And with that setup our webhook receiving code will work for deploying to dev1, dev2 or staging. So for example a “meeting.created” event will simultaneously go to dev1, dev2 and staging.

Hi @chrismurrph,

Thanks for the additional detail. To confirm, it sounds like you’re asking if it’s possible to designate more than just 1 dev and 1 prod endpoint for a single event subscription—is that right? (Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding!)

If I’m following, I should clarify that a single event subscription will only support 1 dev and 1 prod endpoint (for the respective installation types).

If you wish to add more environments, you will need to create a separate event subscription, and add those additional endpoints to that specific event. If the event is the same (e.g., recording completed) there shouldn’t be any functional difference between these event subscriptions.

Let me know if this helps to confirm—but don’t hesitate to let me know if I’m misunderstanding your use case. :slight_smile:


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