App webhooks not triggered for production URL

I am testing webhooks for an OAuth app for both development and production.
For developemt URL everything just works fine.
But when im trying on production(using the publishable prod URL auth), it send the hooks for my development UYRL as wekk.

Production webhooks are not triggered

API Endpoint/s?
Subscribing to recording complete event, meeting start and meeting end.

How To Reproduce
Create Event subscription for OAuth app for the recording complete event, meeting start and meeting end.
It has a URL for development and a URL for production
verify that webhook is received on prodution URL when production crendentials are used

Hi @felz , just to clarify, you are only receiving the webhooks to the development event notification url whether you’re using the development app credentials or production app credentials?

Or is it that when you use the production app credentials, you still get events sent to the development notification url?

Thank you,

@gianni.zoom thanks for the reply.
Im getting the notifications sent to my development URL only! No matter if im using the development credentials or the production credentials, its just ignores the production URL and send the notifications to the development URL.
I made some workaround and set my development URL to be my prod notifications URL, but of course its not the right solution.

Ahh I see @felz . Are you able to receive other requests (via independent testing) to the production endpoint URL?

What about trying to make both the development and production notification endpoint the URL you designated for production. Are you seeing it then?

Yes my production URL is functioning. This is exactly my workaround, currently both the development and production URL are pointing to my production endpoint and its working.

@gianni.zoom Do we have anything to do regarding this? Really feels like a weird bug. Currently I cant test my development since the development URL is serving my production.

Will appreciate any help here

Hi @felz ,

Sorry I was OOO last week, but this does sound like a bug. Please open a support ticket here and share a link to this thread.

Our service engineers will check out what’s happening on the back end.

Thank you,

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