Webinar confirmation email cancel registration link

We are using “Add a webinar registrant” api to register our customers to webinars we have previously created.

We have set the webinar to auto approve the registrations to avoid user being redirected to the registration form when they click on the Join Webinar link in the confirmation email.

The problem is that, in the confirmation email, there is a “cancel your registration” link that brings the user to an url formatted like this:

This url contains the registration url, valid for everyone, and, together with the auto approve option, it exposes our webinars to unwanted registrations:

Additional context
A partial solution would be using the Perform batch registration api with “auto_approve” parameter set to true and keep the webinar auto approve option to false, but this kind of api doesn’t support recurring webinars, that we often organize.

Another solution could be adding the auto_approve parameter to the “Add a webinar registrant” api.

A third solution could be to let us remove the “cancel your registration” link from the confirmation email.

A fourth solution could be to make the “cancel your registration” link unique to every webinar attendants without references to the registration form url.

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