Difficult to Unregister Someone from a Webinar via API


Currently we have to this:


1) Get Webinar Registration Info


go through all attendees on a page and search for attendee email address

go to next page if not found


save registrant ID if found


2) Cancel Webinar Registration


cancel registration using registrant ID obtained in step 1


This is inefficient.




We are asking if you can do either of these:


  1.  Cancel Webinar Registration


use email address as option to cancel webinar registration


  1.  Webinar Registration


provide registrant id in response, this can be saved and then used

later to Cancel Webinar Registration



Could you guys this?

Hi Rene,

Thanks for your feedback, while we do not currently support these, I’ll add this to our feature requests pipeline and we’ll work on getting it done(priorities depending on feature demand).