Webinar external registrations only

Description: I want to integrate my registration procedure to push webinar attendees directly to zoom. But I don’t want that people can register at the same time from webinar registration page, either if they know the url. So the only endpoint for registering to the webinar must be our ERP web extension that will use ZOOM’s API to register attendees.

I don’t have any error to report. I just want to know if this target could be reached. I know How to design my business logic; but after the training videos for partners about the Webinar I’m a bit confused. I just need a confirmation that it is possible to reach this.

Any answer will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hey @roberto.gabrielli,

You can use the Add Registrant API.


Hi Tommy,

Thank you very much for your answer. I’ve seen the method and for that is very clear to me how to implement that part. What I was wondering about is… Is there any way to disable the registration form (that one provided by zoom) and at the same time register people throught that method?

I need to reach this target. So having a Webinar scheduled and no one could register for that on Zoom; at the same time I will push my registrants throught api. Do you think it is possible?

Or simply I have to be sure to do not publish nowhere the registration link and that is sufficient?

Thank you again

Hey @roberto.gabrielli,

Yes that is possible! You can register the users based on your list of users using the API, or setup a custom registration page.



@tommy I have the same question and don’t see you answering the question.

If we want to completely control who can register for a webinar using our app, do you have a way to PREVENT the zoom registration page from appearing/working? It can be stumbled upon using the meetingID and also appears as the Invitation URL that can be sent around.

You mentioned “setup a custom registration page” – is there a way, in Zoom, to specify what the registration page should be for a webinar? I dont see that anywhere.


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@sdwebguy That’s the point.

If I get properly @tommy suggestion, we have to enable “registration” flag on the webinar creation (or the proper field using the API to create the webinar) and I suppose we have also to set to manually approve the registrants, so that either if somebody get into the Zoom registration page link (I don’t know if it is possible, maybe by someone that share the link to access the Webinar and the option that enable multi devices is disabled, and the navigation will be then redirected?) and register can’t access the webinar.

But the best panorama would be that, as you are saying, there could be an option for registration that allow to specify an external URL so any try to register will be redirected there.

Is this possible?

Hey @sdwebguy, @roberto.gabrielli,

I see, currently we do not have a way to turn off the “registration page” component of meeting / webinar registration.

This is a valid feature request and I will pass this along to our team for consideration.

Your best option as of now is to not use the registration feature at all, but handle registration custom to your app. For example, create a custom form with the info you want to collect from the users registering, and then upon successful and approved registration, send them the Zoom meeting link with the password. Then you can control the whole flow.


Thank you @tommy. One more question. If we switch off the registration option, then, what happen if an attendee that I’ve registered by my app, once he received the link to access the webinar, share those details with another person?
To prevent multiple access we decided to disable the multi device access option, so theorically in this way a user will be able to use his login details only once per access.

Could you suggest other strategies to put in practice to enforce this concept?