Webinar integration with webSDK

Hi, the follower is my use case -

  • allow users to view webinars within our app
  • allow users to schedule new webinars and new meetings within our app.

We already have the ability to schedule meetings and we are using OAuth requesting the user to grant permissions to create meetings. So I assume it is just an extension of this to facilitate scheduling webinars. Which I think is reasonable easy to do.

We want then to allow the user view webinars, which we can do via the web SDK.

I am a little confused by the difference between OAuth and JWT.

My assumption is that to schedule webinars / meetings - do that via the OAuth credentials. And to join the webinar use JWT.

I am wondering if the webSDK client can do all the requests rather than some via OAuth and some via JWT.

If the user has granted access via the OAuth flow how would the webSDK use these credentials to schedule a webinar / meeting ?

Hopefully this makes sense ?

Hey @darragh.duffy,

Currently the Web SDK is only for in meeting functions. You cannot create / manage meetings with the Web SDK. You must use OAuth or a JWT to call the Zoom APIs.


Thanks Tommy - Yes that makes sense to me.

I do have a follow up question, you use the term “Meeting Functions” - can you explain what you mean here?

I plan to use the webSDK to start an existing Meeting Webinar.

Hey @darragh.duffy,

Apologies for not being more clear. :slight_smile: The Web SDK you to embed the Webinar attendee experience / view in your website.

With the Web SDK, you can start and join meetings, but you can only join webinars. You cannot start webinars with the Web SDK, the webinar will need to be started by a user using the Zoom Client App.


Thanks Tommy for the clarifications.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: