Webinar Invite Attendees Copy/Email Invitation through API

We are developing a custom dashboard for an ISV account. When coding the Invite Attendees section, we do not see any instruction on how to call the ‘Copy the invitation’ or ‘Email me the invitation’ function. Does this exist?

I believe that is by design.

Webinars have three (3) types of people who participate:

  • Hosts/Co-Hosts
  • Panelists
  • Attendees

When you create a Webinar, there are mutliple settings you can configure, but it is important to note…
There is only one (1) host, the person who OWNs the webinar.
alternative_hosts are your “Co-Hosts”.
registrants are your “Attendees”, they must register, or be registered to attend (unless you configure your webinar otherwise).

When you create the meeting, your response will contain the start and join URLs. You NEVER share your start url, that’s ONLY for the HOST. You can cache the join URL, and when you Add a Registrant (or if they register manually using your webinar’s registration page) you will send them your join URL.

Attendees should ONLY ever, join a webinar. Zoom will send an email to them according to the Webinar’s Branding and Email settings in the Zoom Portal.

Does this help?

Hello Ben, thank you for the reply.

We are familiar with these distinctions in audience/host types, what we are looking to present is to the Account Holder when they are scheduling the Webinar. Through the Zoom web interface, the Invite controls show links to “Copy the email” which displays a pop-up showing a preview of the templated email that can be copied and used in external email programs. Also there is a “Email me the invitation” link that will email the account holder the email so they can edit and resend externally as well. We do not see how to make these calls through the API so we can present these options to the Account Holder during scheduling.

Please advise.

Hey @noah,

Similar to my response to your post here:

Zoom does not have custom email invite functionality with the API. You will have to use a 3rd party API like SendGrid.

As for the “Copy the email” content, this content can be constructed with the response of the Create Meeting or Get Meeting endpoints.