Webinar Polls Reporting Data mismatch between API response and Canned Report response provided by admin tool

We use following zoom api to get poll records once the webinar is over


We customized a webhook notification to fire this API from our end when the webinar is completed. This gives us data about the poll response from users for the specific webinar…

However, the data we get from this API is not in sync with data provided by the “Poll Report” option under admin tool.

At any given point of time, the API response has about 10-20 records lesser than what the tool provides us.

So, now we are not sure which one provides the correct data…

Can someone please check why this is happening and which one provides the right data whether the API or the canned report option from admin tool?


Hi @vm_chellappan,

Of the results returned for both, are you seeing the same questions/answers reflected?

One common reason for a difference between the UI and API is the timezone. Our APIs operate exclusively in GMT/UTC for queries, while our UI will display queries based on the local time set in your UI.

Let me know—thanks,

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