Webinar - Practice Session Data

Is there a way to capture webinar information related to practice session such as practice session start times and broadcast start times? Right now, the API schema when retrieving webinar through GET /metrics/webinars/{webinarId} only provides webinar start time. Is that start time the practice session start or the start of the broadcast?


Hi @spencer.lee, I don’t have confirmation on this yet - but Webinar practice sessions may provide UUIDs for the webinar instance.

Can you pass the webinarID into the List Past Webinar Instances API and see if those sessions are returned as UUIDs?

Hi @michael.harrington,

Sorry for the delay, had to get correct tokens to test. It looks like the only data that is being stored in the List Past Webinar Instances API is when the host/alt host starts the webinar in practice session. Once the host begins broadcasting, that broadcasting timestamp is not being stored anywhere it seems. I’m trying other end points and they are not pointing to a broadcasting time being captured.

Hey @spencer.lee,

Can you add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests :slight_smile:


@tommy - will do thanks for your help!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: