/webinars/{webinarId} returns webinar uuid not in past_instances

I am writing an integration into our CRM system and trying to get the webinar details across while exluding practice sessions.

If I list all webinars i get the webinar id and uuid
When I call /webinars/{webinarid} this returns the webinar uuid the above.
This UUID does not appear on the past instance list (there are three past instances)
If I call the reports/webinar/{webinarid} this has a different uuid two the top two but does appear in the past_instance list.

The /webinars/{webinarid} call seems to only return the practice session.


Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @mprinsloo,

Good question—I think there may be a little bit of confusion regarding UUIDs vs ID. I should note that the UUID reflected when you call the GET Webinar endpoint is for the currently scheduled meeting. There is a UUID for a webinar that is scheduled and a different UUID for the past occurrences of this webinar, with the common identifier between them being the 10 digit Webinar ID.

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if there are questions about this.


Ah that makes more sense. Thank you for the reply.

No problem, @mprinsloo — glad I could clarify. :slight_smile:

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