Webinars - Participant's start_time and end_time

Hi, I was trying to access via API the participant’s information of a given Webinar. When I generate the CSV report on my dashboard, the time that the participant started watching the webinar is there. But, when I list the participants of the same webinar, using the API, I am not able to find this information. Only generic information, like email, first_name, zip code, etc… Is it not possible?

I’m using PHP and JWT. The endpoint that I was consuming is: https://api.zoom.us/v2/webinars/webinarID/registrants

Can someone help me?

Hi @felipe_badaro use the Webinar Participant Report API to return data on the join time, leave time, and duration of each webinar participant.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. That helped!

Great, let us know if we can help on anything else! :slight_smile: