Webinar Q&A/Panelists API Feedback

This is for developer-specific feature requests. For other requests please contact our customer support team.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We have been working with the Webinar Q&A API to see what information can be retrieved from it. There are a couple challenges with the data, some things that seems to be missing that would help better show full context of the Q&A data.

Describe the solution you’d like

  1. Timestamp data for Q&A questions and answers. Questions are often contextual and including a timestamp of when the question was asked would be helpful.
  2. Currently it appears that questions with multiple answers get a single “answer” field with “;” separated answers. This is not documented anywhere and could be error prone if a “;” was ever included in an answer. Having a list for the answer(s) would seem to make sense.
  3. There is no distinction of “private” vs. “public” answers in Q&A.
  4. Include data on which panelist answered the question if included.
  5. Currently if the host is one of the panelists then it is not returned as part of the Panelists list.

Thanks for listening!

Hi @zoom-test, these are fantastic requests and much appreciated. I’ve added all of these to our feature requests for the /past_webinars/ endpoint. I can’t promise that we can get these on our immediate roadmap, but we’ll evaluate and get to work.

Tracking: ZOOM-158228