Get webinar qa report with timestamps

I’m trying to get webinar qa report via API. I can succesfully read the questions and answers but it’s not the same as csv reports in the account.
I need kind of a detailed chat history solution that has user name, email, question, timestamp.

Is there a way to get these values as I wanted?

Hey @ertugrulbyrak

Have you tried using our List Q&A of past webinar endpoint?

In the response body you will get a start_time of the webinar.
Hope this helps,

I tried both List Q&A of past webinar and Get webinar Q&A report.
But they are giving the same results. The Q&A Report under Account Management > Reports > Usage Reports > Webinar gives more detailed info like #, Question, Asker Name, Asker Email, Answer, Question Time, Answered Time. I need a similar result through API.


Ah I see, unfortunately not all of our APIs translate 100% to what you see in the Webportal, but feel free to open up a feature request here:

Hope this helps,