Webinar registration api post request doesn't save all data for registrant

I am using php language and zoom api v2 to post registrant data for zoom webinars. However, api is just storing basic data for registrant (email, first_name, last_name). Other data like (country, state, city, zip, phone) is not getting stored.

No error message. API returns successfully newly created registrant object.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
$client->request(‘POST’, ‘/webinars/’ . $webinar_id . ‘/registrants’, , [
‘first_name’ => $registrant_first_name,
‘last_name’ => $registrant_last_name,
‘email’ => $registrant_email,
‘address’ => $registrant_address,
‘city’ => $registrant_city,
‘country’ => $registrant_country,
‘zip’ => $registrant_postal_code,
‘state’ => $registrant_state_province,
‘phone’ => ‘00000000’,

Please help. Thanks.