Not getting registrants data and not post method saving data in Zoom

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I have just verified webinar registrants GET and POST API methods in postman and tool.
I see that 200 ok status but no registrant data saving in ZOOM and not able retrieve registrants data through API with 200 ok status but there is a data available.

No Error

JWT Authentication.

Which Endpoint/s?

GET" /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants
POST" /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants
Post data:

“email”: “sjfkghdsg@someemail.dfgjd”,

“first_name”: “Jill”,

“last_name”: “Chill”,

“address”: “dsfhkdjsfh st”,

“city”: “jackson heights”,

“country”: “US”,

“zip”: “11371”,

“state”: “NY”,

“phone”: “00000000”,

“industry”: “Food”,

“org”: “Cooking Org”,

“job_title”: “Chef”,

“purchasing_time_frame”: “1-3 months”,

“role_in_purchase_process”: “Influencer”,

“no_of_employees”: “10”,

“comments”: “Looking forward to the Webinar”,

“custom_questions”: [


  "title": "What do you hope to learn from this Webinar?",

  "value": "Look forward to learning how you come up with new recipes and what other services you offer."




How To Reproduce (If applicable)
i also applied content-type as application/json

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hi team,

Any update on this as i struck here and not able to proceed further,

Please check this and update me as it is a critical item for us now to deliver in this sprint.


Hey @webinars5,

Is this a recurring webinar? If so, you can try setting the occurrence ID in order to make sure that you’re referring to the same occurrence when calling both APIs:

Let me know if that helps.


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