Webinar Response Join URL

Hi - I am using the /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants to Register a user for a webinar.

When the registration is successful, join_url returned by the Response follows this pattern: https://[ourSite].zoom.us/j/826464665, but clicking the link opens a new registration page: https://[ourSite].zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hlonah8gSnSJAn1iLjApMQ.

If I manually register, the follow-up page shows a JoinUrl with the different format: https://[ourSite].zoom.us/w/826464665?tk=dCPJxzK62stZTUXC-MyOYSdnfrcBIg4x7X1RlB3pz98.DQEAAAAAMULZmRZjOG1UcWloOVFYdWdYYzFkSVI1ZkpRAA&uuid=WN_hlonah8gSnSJAn1iLjApMQ. This URLactually triggers the launch of the zoom client.

Is it possible to generate the actual JoinUrl instead of something that launches a registration page?



Thank you for reaching out to Zoom. We have received your request and will be responding to you shortly.


Any updates on this issue?

@nyoumans, responded to you in a personal message.

I found the issue, I was referencing the join_url from Retrieve a Webinar (/webinars/{webinarId}) - which points to a generic registration page…Instead of join_url from “Add a Registrant Response” (/webinars/{webinarId}/registrants) - which is the personalized join_url.

It took a lot longer to debug than I would have expected. Sorry for the confusion.

Glad to know this was resolved!