Webinar sharing screen issue

I’ve noticed an issue in a sharing screen feature implementation for webinars in a custom UI. When some of panelists in a webinar starts sharing their screen an attendee receives notification with userId via onShareActiveUser(long userId) callback. But MobileRTCVideoView shows black screen after adding sharing video unit for user with the useId. The same scenario works fine for common meetings.
Is it a bug in SDK? Or am I missing something?

Android SDK Version

Hi @kirill.g,

Thanks for the post. It sounds like the MobileRTCVideoView is not able to subscribe to the sharing video. How many videos are you subscribing to when the video is not showing? If you have subscribed to too many videos at the same time. Or if you have enabled the 720p option, you cannot subscribe to 2 720p videos at the same time. Please try to remove the prior subscriptions before subscribe to the sharing video.

If the above scenarios do not apply to you, could you provide an SDK log for us to further investigate?


Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for your reply. I am trying to subscribe to only one video. The video of the currently sharing screen in a webinar. You can check how the sample app in your android SDK behaves when you connect to a webinar as a regular attendee. Here is the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start Webinar (on PC or Mac)
  2. Start Zoom SDK sample app with custom UI mode enabled in the app settings (on Android device)
  3. Connect to the Webinar (on Android device)
  4. Start sharing screen (on PC or Mac)
  5. You will see a black screen on your Android device (also QA feature is always looks like disabled for regular attendees, disconnect audio option seems like it is not working for regular attendees)

P.S.: If you promote the attendee to panelist, the issues will disappear. It seems this issues observable only for users with Attendee roles in a webinar.
P.P.S.: If you turn off custom UI and connect to the webinar, the issues also won’t appear for users with Attendee roles.


Hi @kirill.g,

Thanks for the post. We are able to identify this issue in our demo code and we will fix it in the future release.


Cool. Thanks @Carson_Chen.

Could you also check an issue with Breakout Room?
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create Breakout Room in a meeting.
  2. Join the Breakout Room on an android device with custom UI mode enabled.
  3. Close the Breakout Room for all attendees.
  4. Attendee on the android device stays in the Breakout Room forever without having an ability to leave it cause instance of IBOAttendee (returned by InMeetingBOController.getBOAttendeeHelper()) had already been destroyed at the moment when onLostAttendeeRightsNotification() callback was invoked.

It would be great if you could also fix it in the future release.

Hi @kirill.g,

Thanks for the reply and for providing the steps. We are able to identify an issue with the BO feature in our demo app(This won’t affect the BO feature itself, just the demo app), we will fix this in the next release.


@Carson_Chen, thank you

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Situation with BO is getting worse in SDK v5.0.24437.0708. When organiser closes BO even onLostAttendeeRightsNotification() isn’t fired. More over, when BO is reopened by organiser onHasAttendeeRightsNotification() callback is no longer invoked. So the client doesn’t even know that the BO was reopened.

Hi @kirill.g,

Thanks for the reply. We are able to identify an issue with the information you provided. We will fix this in the next release.