Webinar sharing screen issue still a problem

Appears to be the same issue as this person had back is 2020

As an attendee in a webinar I am unable to view the active screen share of a panelist using the below code.
mDefaultVideoViewMgr.addShareVideoUnit(mCurShareUserId, renderInfo);
It populates the MobileRTCVideoView with a grey screen (similar to what you would see if someone was covering their webcam with a webcam cover).

When i promote the attendee to a panelist the screen share does then work and is fully visible.

On the regular Zoom Android App if I join as an attendee this shared screen is fully visible.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
Android Meeting SDK v5.7.6.1922

Hi @tylorschuessele, thanks for the post.

The post you are referencing seems to have been an issue with the SDK sample app’s implementation. Are you running into this issue within your own implementation or in the SDK sample app?


I am running into it with my own implementation (I just used the same variable names for convenience).

Hi @tylorschuessele,

Thanks for confirming. I was able to reproduce this behavior, so no additional information is needed on your end. I’ll keep you updated as soon as we have any new information.


Hi @tylorschuessele,

We have identified a fix for this issue and will be including it in the next SDK release. Please let me know if you are still able to reproduce this behavior after the 5.9.0 release becomes available.


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