Webinar and Large Meeting License Tracking

We need a method to track what user has a webinar license or large meeting license in a time-efficient manner. We have a 30K user base in Zoom and we manually track webinar licenses (using groups has its own challenges). These License attributes can only be pulled by looking at each user’s settings, or in more creative methods like cross-referencing who is a webinar host or tracking webhook notifications. If this information can be included in the response from the Get A User API command or its own API command that would be helpful.


Actually I didn’t mean to write Get A user as the method call for retrieving webinar data

List users would be more efficient:
List Users

or a custom command that just lists all users with webinar, large meeting, or any other custom license attributes.

I see that exporting or importing users lists the Webinar Feature and Large Meeting column in the CSV file now (not sure when this was updated) from the web interface, does that mean this will be added into the “List Users” Response soon?