Webinars REST api


When registering to webinar, the docs state that there is an option to add values such as org, job title, industry etc.
How can I get from the api those values? I don’t see those values in registrant info endpoint nor in ended webinar attendees endpoint (which this is the place that I would like to have those values)


Hi Jolt,

please take a look at our api playground and check the following API Call: 


Well that doesn’t really helps you know… I’m already using your rest api in production. I don’t need the playground.

I think you didn’t understand my question. I asked how can I get those values that I set in the call I make to the api.



Hi Roi,

Currently, we do not have an API call that you can use to retrieve these values. You can add them as a feature request if you wish to.


So why having the options to add these values if I can’t do anything with them?


We have built our platform with the possibility of future enhancements and expansion in mind. We’re constantly adding new features and updates and if you feel you need a feature or an update you can make a request .in the corresponding section.