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Post webinars registrants

We are filling up the form and sending ___ and getting the link___going trough this link we are opening registration form, Where part of data is filled up and part is not

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When we send a post request

with Request Body

    "email": "test@test.com",
    "occurrence_id": "1628186400000",
    "first_name": "First",
    "last_name": "Last",
    "city": "London",
    "country": "GB",
    "phone": "899999999999",
    "org": "My first firm",
    "role_in_purchase_process": "Decision Maker",
    "custom_questions": [
        { "title": "Firm Website", "value": "youtube" },
        { "title": "Company Name", "value": "My first firm" },
        { "title": "Firm Size", "value": "1" },
        { "title": "How did you hear about us ", "value": "web" },
        { "title": "Firm Specialties", "value": "Audit, Bookkeeping" }

we get a response

HTTP Status Code: 201
Registration created.

with object have a
join_url: Unique URL

Then we follow the link and get to the registration form with partially filled fields.
For example
“phone” ,
Tell me how you can either skip this form or how to autocomplete fully passed fields.

Hey @vvarakin,

In the UI, can you make sure that these options are checked off in your webinar’s registration settings? This will need to be verified in the UI. To do so, go to the webinar, scroll down to registration settings, click edit, and then go to the “questions” column to check off the desired options.

Let me know if this helps,

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