WebSDK advice for my site


I am trying to find out a little more about the webSDK and if it can do what I need.

My setup:
My website has many users who run a web paint js application to create drawings etc. We have a feature that allows my users to send a link to their friends or colleague so they can join them and interact live on the paint app.

My Requirement:
i’d like to give each user the ability to automatically create a meeting when they host their paint app so anyone that joins them on the paint app can talk with each other using their mic’s

Does the webSDK allow me to do this?
Do i need to purchase a pro account to do this?

Many Thanks

Hey @carl.miller,

You can create meetings on users behalf using OAuth.

The Web SDK can be used to have Zoom meetings on your website. Or you can have one of the users share their screen of the canvas.