Node.js Web SDK

Hello there,

i would like to use the web sdk for my node application but i want to know if i can just join meeting with this sdk OR i could generate new meetings and invite people to join the meeting i already created?

PS: i want to use and integrate zoom technology to my application to do all: throw my application i want to create new meetings, rooms, invite people …etc and all that from my app throw the browser

is that the browser?

hope i could find help here.

thank you.

WebSDK only supports JOINING meetings that have already been created/scheduled either:

Hello, what do you mean by V2 REST API Schedule Meeting ?

Do you mean that i could create a meeting from my application ? and let other users that use web SDK to join this meetings ?

up 100 meeting a day as you mentioned !

i don’t get a full information.

please , hope that you could help!

Hey @lakkinilakkini,

Correct. With the Web SDK, you can start or join meetings you own, or join external meetings.

Ways to create a Zoom meeting:

Web SDK sample apps, tutorials, and docs:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:



okay i will testing and replay to you the result.

Thnak you.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: