WebSDK pre-integration questions


#1 If i integrate the zoom websdk API into my web app, do my users sign into zoom with their own credentials then create and host their own zoom meetings?

#2 If i have 1000 users all hosting meetings at the same time, what resources does my server use up when they are actually hosting their meetings?

I am trying to figure out if I need a dedicated server for the zoom meetings?

many thanks

Hey @carl.miller,

The Web SDK is designed for any users to join meetings you (any user on your Zoom account) have created, or start meetings you have created.

Users do not need to sign in to their Zoom account, or have a Zoom account to join the meetings.

Only the frontend and backend signature generation code needs to be hosted by you. Zoom will take care of the rest using our scalable technology. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Tommy,

Can all 1000 users create(host) their own separate meetings on my account at the same time? and can their meetings contain up to 100 people each? or is it for just 1 to 1 meetings?

Hi @carl.miller,

Technically, yes all 1000 users can host their own separate meetings at once. Keep in mind that if they are basic users who have 3 or more attendees the meetings will only be 40 minutes long. To be able to host 100 participants they would need to have a Pro License. https://zoom.us/pricing