What are the differences between SDK and ZOOM official client functions?

Windows sdk集成(c++)

Which version?

Question 1 Screen sharing
How to enable screen sharing directly in SDK demo, just like ZOOM official client? I checked the code in the SDK and found that the button is hidden and the related function is in to do state

Question 2 Differences between sdk demo and official client functions
What functions does the SDK demo lack compared to the official client (function comparison)? There are still some bugs in the SDK demo. Is there a stable version?

Hi Link,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Zoom SDK allows you to integrate Zoom meeting services into your own application, and the SDK demo is to showcase how to use the SDK interfaces, it is not another version of the Zoom official client.

If you found any issues or bugs in the demo, please let us know. But the bug in the demo won’t affect your usage while integrating our SDK into your application.

Hope this helps. Thanks!