What are the values for the type field in the meeting.ended event payload?

We are now using the meeting.ended event to retrieve notification of a completed meeting. And, we’ve finally found some breadcrumbs in the V2 notes as to what the difference between the past and pastOne parameters are for the v2/metrics/meetings* APIs. We do want to retrieve data for both multiple and single participant meetings. The meeting.ended payload does get triggered for both single and multiple participant meetings, so that part is good. My question is:

  1. How can I determine from the meeting.ended payload whether the meeting uuid is for a past or pastOne meeting, so that I can call the desired V2/metrics/meetings* REST API requests with the appropriate parameter?

Is this communicated to me via the type field value received in the meeting.ended payload? I’ve found bread crumbs that document more than one set of values for the type parameter. One has to do with whether the meeting was ad-hoc or scheduled or recurring.


PLEASE start providing clear documentation in your API documentation as to what the values and meaning are for both request parameters AND fields in the payloads returned.



Hi @katyle,

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. We have noted your feedback about our documentation and our engineers are working diligently to update our documentation, and the new version should be available soon.

Regarding your query, I will update you on it shortly.

Thanks. We really do need to know upon receipt of the meeting.ended event whether to call the various v2/metrics/meetings* APIs with the past or pastOne paramter, as the rate limits for these APIs is an issue for us with some customers.

Hi Katy,

Thank you for waiting.

It is not possible to determine from the meeting.ended payload whether the meeting uuid is for a past or a pastOne meeting. But you can consider using the retrieve meeting details api, and check the participants field to know the participant count for the meeting.

Let me know if this helps.