What happens to recording streaming link if the zoom meeting is deleted


what happens to recording streaming link if the zoom meeting is deleted thru APIs. would the streaming link would continue working even after meeting is deleted?
would user be able to download the meeting recording file even after the meeting is deleted using APIs ?

we have a requirement to invalidate the join_url/start_url of completed meeting so that they can’t be re-used. the only option i could see is to delete the meeting. but if we end up deleting the meeting, what happens to the meeting recordings ?(recording stored in zoom cloud)?


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still waiting for reply to my query. can you please look into and provide an update.


Hi @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Great question—to clarify, if you delete a Zoom meeting, any previous cloud recordings will not automatically be deleted along with that particular instance of the meeting.

To ensure deletion of cloud recordings, you’ll need to utilize this endpoint separately:

Hope this helps!


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