What happens when ZOOM receives a P2P call?

The following operations are performed on iPhone:

  1. When I use ZOOM and WeChat at the same time, if I set up a phone in WeChat first, and then return to ZOOM for P2P outbound calls, then both ZOOM and WeChat can talk normally at the same time (should the categoryOptions use AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionMixWithOthers?)
  2. But when I first set up a call on WeChat and then return to the main interface of ZOOM, if I receive a P2P call from ZOOM and answer it, WeChat will prompt that the call is interrupted by other applications
  3. I tried to set up a call on WeChat first, then return to ZOOM and create a meeting. At this time, like the active P2P call, both ZOOM and WeChat can make calls at the same time
  4. So my question is, what are the differences in the settings of categoryOptions between the outgoing and incoming P2P calls of Zoom, resulting in different effects? Generally speaking, AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionMixWithOthers will be supported. At this time, the call of other apps will not be interrupted. Is there any special parameter set or system api called to tell other apps that they need to interrupt the audio?
    The Zoom version I use is 5.12.9 (5692) of the ios platform

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