What is the current state of iframes?

I’ve just tried to use an iframe and it appears zoom isn’t allowing a connection. Even to the main website: https://zoom.us.

Is this now entirely disallowed or are there specific settings that are needed for the iframe to work?

Hey @cutlernj,

Zoom is not supported within an iFrame. What is your use case for needing to embed Zoom? Maybe there is a different solution. :slight_smile:


Well I work with adults with developmental disabilities and I’ve noticed several patterns from when they are presented with the typical join zoom link (us02.zoom.us/j/{meeting id})

Firstly, many of these clients can’t read easily and the zoom join is strongly based in text with little other forms of cueing like visual pictures/icons etc.

This is the sequence of what happens: when the modal box first comes up the open zoom.us and cancel buttons are of equal sizes and if they can’t read, they often cancel instead of open zoom (I know that you don’t have much control over this) BUT when the modal box is gone, then reloading or refreshing fails to bring the modal box up again. It would be a huge improvement to have the modal box show each time the join page loads.

Secondly, the languaging of starting a meeting or downloading it is in one complete text section, this makes it difficult for those that don’t read to know which link stands out as the one they should click first. I’m trying to make visual buttons with icons that show them what “starts my zoom screen” and what downloads it.

Thirdly, I came across the http://zoom.us/support/download link that actually seems to run a user_agent check that will send them to the right download based on the device they have. I was trying to use an iframe to run this AND have a video tutorial that shows what to do in a single screen to minimize back-forward-open download-close window complexities.

Thank you Tommy! If you have any thoughts on how I could do any of these, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @cutlernj,

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

As for as what we can do to help on the Zoom Developer Platform is allowing you to customize the experience via the Web SDK, which embeds Zoom into your website.