Meeting Screen to fit in IFRAME

With the WEB SDK i created the meeting and it all looks great… and it fits on my screen perfectly if its to only thing i want to see. Now what i want to do is… I want to add that screen into an IFRAME… it all looking good… but the iframe is relatively small… and then one cannot see the JOIN button… how would one approach this… or is there s different template one can call up for smaller screens?

As normal on a screen and working great…

Now im trying to display that in a IFRAME
But it does not size nicely for a small screen… what is a possible solution?

make it fit

is there some different template to call up or something

If I increase the height of the IFRAME… then i can see everything… but then it defeats the point…

Is it possible to only show the JOIN button… so it fits in a small iframe?

@tommy is there anyway just to show the JOIN BUTTON… and once joined it will display the complete video? Without having the big JOIN MEETING now… and the big black box… as i need to the clients to be able to join via a small window…

A BILLION DOLLAR company and no “responsive” support for an IFRAME… it bogs my mind… wow! if i see how many requests are made for IFRAME… maybe because people want to embed “smaller” versions of the zoom on their website.

Fly me to the states… and ill help you with a “quick fix” for a big problem… :slight_smile:
If i see the amount of people wanting the “IFRAME” to work… then why not solve this… a BILLION DOLLAR company…

just make the css responsive… and also the option to just have a JOIN NOW button… as the “big black” box… and the JOIN MEETING is taking up unwanted space on a small screen… in a iframe… quick solution…duplicate your sdk… remove those…“Join Meeting” “black box” as this will move the JOIN button up… and then “meeting not found box…” repsonsive… that is such a quick fix for now… until you can come up with something else…

Or is there a way to bypass this screen…? to AUTO JOIN the meeting without having to press the JOIN button??? @MaxM … anyway you can assist please.?

mmm… you want to fly me over… i need a holiday :slight_smile:

and this is what i could do… in a few min with basic css… why you dont help the rest with of people needing this bogs my mind… just go search IFRAME requests … to just make it fit… we know its not officially supported for IFRAME… but give you devs something to work with until you find something…

Hi @ellis ,

Thank you for your feedback! I’m happy you were able to develop an accommodation for your use case and needs. Please see this thread about why iFrames is currently unsupported:

However, our developer community appreciates your perspective and contributions and would welcome you sharing any resources or code you used if you feel comfortable doing so.

All the best,

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