What is the difference between 'session' and 'meeting'?

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Hello, I’m having trouble with creating a session, so I desperately need your help.

I created a meeting with ‘Client Desktop SDK’.

I want to create a meeting with ‘Fully Customizable SDK’, too, and access the raw data of the meeting. Also, I want to send video raw data(or audio raw data) through the meeting.

On marketplace page(https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/custom/windows/essential/create-join-session), there is information about how to ‘create a session’.
What’s the difference between ‘session’ and ‘meeting’? Can I create a session/meeting using the Fully Customizable SDK?

This is my code for creating a session. I clicked ‘F5’, but the session was not created. Pleases let me know the error of my code.

Thank you.

Which Fully Customizable Desktop SDK version?
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Hi @tlol91, thanks for the post.

The Fully Customizable SDK is not meant to work with Zoom meetings. If you are developing an application meant to join Zoom meetings, you must use the Zoom Client SDK.

Sessions are similar to meetings in the sense that you can transmit/receive audio/video from other users in the session and send chat messages, but they are not part of the Zoom meetings ecosystem. If you have an application that is using developer credentials XYZ, only other users running an app with those same credentials have the ability to join your session. Zoom client users will never be able to join a session.


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