Zoom meetings SDK VS Video SDK (Cost and features)


Firstly, I’m having a bit of confusion to understand what is the main difference between Video SDK and Zoom Meetings SDK, which will be suitable for my need to implement meetings 1:1 for 40 minutes ?
no customization is required for user interface , just minimization of meeting is needed.

Secondly, I was checking the sample app provided in the SDK and i have seen that there are 2 possibilities to create a meeting
1- without a zoom account ( zoom access token will be needed for that so i assume a pro licensed account will be needed) 150$/year
2- with a zoom account ( in this regard users will have to login with their zoom credentials ) no cost

Thirdly, When i checked the Rate limits for pro license it said that 100 requests for meetings creation per day per user, does that mean that my pro account can have 1000 users and each user can only create 100 meetings per day?

Our application is for students who will have study sessions on a daily bases, our application is free, therefore we are looking for the cheapest option for integration.

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The Meeting SDK is used for integrating Zoom Meetings into your application. As in, running Zoom in your application. The Video SDK is not connected to Zoom Meetings and instead can integrate video conferencing into your application outside of the Zoom Meeting environment. If you are ok with the Zoom UI in your application, I would suggest using the Meeting SDK.

Let me follow up with the team on the pricing questions so that I do not misquote anything. :slight_smile:


Hey @youssef27

This is all correct.


Thanks for your reply i have few questions regarding the transcript of audio calls
In my application i need to implement calling meetings 1:1 with transcript analysis after the call is done, assuming i have 1000 daily meetings 1:1 by 2000 users, if i purchase the Small businesses licenses 200$ a year, will that allow me to get the recorded transcript for 1000 meetings? or i have to create 2000 users and subscribe each user to business licence ?

Second question, can i use the transcript feature by doing solo meeting? for instance i will let the user record his own session and get the transcript after that without inviting anyone to the meeting. is that possible?

Third question, is that transcript feature is done by Otter.ai?


I think it would be best if we forward this to our ISV Program email so my team can go through some discovery with you. It’s a little unclear what you are looking to do so understanding the full picture will help. please send an email to isvsupport@zoom.us with the link to this discussion and the team can respond to you there. thanks

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