What is the status of my oauth2 app?


I have submitted an oauth2 app in App Marketplace to get approved more than two weeks ago. Here is the link to the app App Marketplace

It says on your site that it takes up to 7 business days to get the app approved… well, its been more than two weeks!

Can someone please look into that!!!

Thank you,


To: Zoom Devs, Admins, Moderators
No response in 2 days? Does anyone even check this forum?

Hi @artknight

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and sorry for the delay in our response!
We try to get to every post as soon as possible :slight_smile:
About the status of your app, it looks like it has passed the functional review which is the first step in the app review process (which can take up to 7 days). The second step is a Security Review which can take up to 2 weeks.

I have reached out to the Marketplace team to ask for a status of your application and will be back with an update as soon as I hear back from them.