What OAuth credentials to use when submitting an SDK App for review?

We have a Native MacOS Application that uses Zoom’s Meeting SDK. Following Zoom’s requirements we have switched to OAuth approach, so now our application has two pairs of OAuth credentials: Development and Production.

Now there are two questions:

  1. what credentials do I need to use when submitting the app for review
  2. what is the proper way to do that?

There are contradictory statements on Zoom SDK Application page and on the guide here Create an SDK App

The SDK Application configuration webpage for OAuth credentials (the link looks like this: https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/apps/XXXXXXXXXXXXX/sdkoauthcredentials says:

Use these credentials to test your app during the development phase. Zoom will use these credentials during approval.

After Zoom approves your app, the live app on the Zoom Marketplace will use these credentials.

If I understand the statements above correctly I’ll need to make a custom build of our Meeting SDK application with DEVELOPMENT credentials and upload it somewhere only for Zoom Review Team to test. After Zoom Review Team accepts our submission I will be able to distribute a regular build of our application, now with PRODUCTION credentials.

On the other hand the guide Create an SDK App says:

If you chose to publish your app, you’ll see two sets of OAuth credentials, one for development and one for production. Zoom automatically generates the Client ID and Client Secret for both.

Use development credentials to build and test your app.
Use production credentials when you publish your app on Zoom App Marketplace. The Zoom App Marketplace team will also use these to test your app.

According to that for Zoom Review I will need to use PRODUCTION credentials.

The guide tells us to use PRODUCTION and the configuration page tells to use DEVELOPMENT credentials. Can you please advice on this topic? What credentials to use and if it’s DEVELOPMENT then should it be a custom build for review only?

Hi @andrew.sosna ,

Thank you for identifying this miscommunication in our docs. I will work to remediate this. You will submit your production credentials!


Thank you, @gianni.zoom

Just to confirm, production credentials do not work until our application passes Zoom review and attempts to sign in with production credentials will fail until then, but Zoom Review Team will be able to enable production credentials locally when reviewing, right?
In other words when submitting a build for review I won’t be able to test Zoom integration with production credentials myself to be sure that I didn’t make a mistake when copying and pasting these credentials?

It looks like something is broken on the Zoom side, probably in DB or the Application Configuration webpage: the PRODUCTION credentials do not work even for me as a Zoom Application Developer or anyone with our Zoom account.
At first I thought that production credentials won’t be useable even internally and I won’t be able to test our application with these credentials until the Zoom approval. Now it looks like there is some bug because Publishable URL contains the old Production Client ID that was updated at some point instead of tue current Production Client ID.

This issue plus the fact that Zoom still sends email notifications to the wrong email address (from this ticket) and that even after updating our application to OAuth it still has “Update” button in the list of applications and is shown as “Intent to publish: No”, “JWT-app” makes me sure that there is something wrong with DB record for our application.

I’m going to submit a support ticket, but @gianni.zoom it would be helpful if you could confirm:
Until I submit our application for Zoom Review and pass it should Production Credentials work at least for our account, at least for me as a developer at least for testing that I didn’t make any mistake when copying them?

Can anyone please answer my question?
Should production credential work, in other words is it possible to sign in to Zoom using production credentials before the application was approved or sent to review for Zoom Marketplace?

In my case neither anyone from our Zoom account nor Zoom App Developers cannot sign in and I am instead getting a message:
{"status":false,"errorCode":4700,"errorMessage":"Invalid redirect: OUR_APP'S_REDIRECT)URL","result":null} although the same redirect works for the previous credentials.

I have submitted a support ticket #14359099) although there is no answer yet and I am blocked with the submission and release.