How do I set up credentials for OAuth apps?


I submitted my OAuth application and received the following response from reviewer.

Prod vs Dev client id - App Authorization

We need you to provide an environment in which we can authorize the production version of your integration. This way we can see the same experience an end user will have when they add your app. If you have provided the dev or staging version of your site we can test there, but the integration itself must point to production credentials. When we attempt to Authorize the Zoom Integration from within your platform, we are hitting the Development App Credentials not Production.
For example: Current Authorization from APP: [Develop ClientID] Needs to be replaced with Production Credentials: [Production ClientId]

We then resubmitted our application with the following modifications to our platform’s Authorization URL.[Production ClientId]&redirect_uri=[Production RedirectURL]

Then I received a response again.
A reviewer pointed out “When authorizing i am redirected to this page.” with the attached image.
The attached image said “Application not found - It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it right now” .
I assume this is because the application has not yet been approved and the application has not been published to external users,
What can I do to make my application available to Zoom test users?

I am not good at English, so sorry if my writing is difficult to understand.
If you need other information that should be presented, it would be helpful if you could point it out.

Hello @agui please ignore this and resubmit, this is an internal error on our side we were probably not using the correct testing account. Please resubmit and we should be able to move forward with the test.

Regards, Kwaku


I understand. Thanks for the answer.