Which credentials to use for App review

When submitting a publish request to the Zoom Marketplace, does the environment that will be tested use production or development credentials? For example, if a reviewer is provided a test account on the production environment, currently the request will not go through (since we are not yet approved). should we set our production environment to use development Zoom credentials until we are approved?

Hi @snovosel ,

Both credentials will actually be reviewed although it may say on the UI that the dev credentials will be used during the approval process. To use the Production Credentials prior to app being published, you can use a publishable url:

Let me know if this helps!

that feature is not available at the moment per the documentation.

The documentation surrounding this is very unclear . For the environment that we send to Zoom for a marketplace review, are we meant to be using the production clientID and secret, or the development? Does zoom expect us to change the clientID and secret in production following a successful review?

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